The Core of the “INTELLIGENT” system.

Zigbee Smart Gateway

The Smart Gateway is the heart of your Smart Home system. It’s a real Plug & Play device connecting your smart phone/tablet with Smart Devices everywhere in your home. It is extendable up to 250 Smart devices providing a secure communication among them. Smart gateway is powered with a ZigBee communication module. ZigBee protocol has been precisely designed to exchange data and it is more prevalent in the wireless sensor based networks such as those in home automation systems or industrial machinery coordination systems.

  • Wireless Connectivity: ZIGBEE 2,4GHz. WI-FI (communication to LAN)

  • Extremely flexible internet connection through WiFi

  • The system continues to work locally without a connection to the Internet
  • Wireless upgrade of the software
  • Changeable plug to match with any type of socket

  • API / CPI available for inter – connection with other systems

  • Mini USB port as second option for power supply


Comfort / Control

Security / Sensors

Video / Accessories